Life is a beautiful gift; a gift we should never take for granted. As such, we should live our lives as women to the greatest extent possible. Living our lives in the most loving way we can, in a way that values who we truly are.

Dare to Love!

Join me in a 28 Day Love Manifestation Experience!

What is the Love Manifestation Experience?

The Love Manifestation Experience is a 28 Day experience beginning February 1, 2018.  

Over 28 days we are going to fast track love in the lives of women!  

In a small and intimate group setting we are going to work through various love exercises and do internal work to prepare ourselves to receive love! The love we truly desire! 

During the 28 days we will dig deep in the areas of love that create healthy relationships.  

We address:

1.) Desires  

2.) Getting Ready to Receive  

3.) Making Room for Love  

4.) Loving your Body

5.) Love Affirmations

6.) Time for your Date

And much, much more! 

Who this is for?

This is for the woman who is SERIOUS about changing her love life in 2018!  

If you're looking for a cheap, quick date, this is not the experience for you.  

The Love Manifestation is for the woman who:

  • feels like "there are no good men out there."  
  • is ready to make 2018 the year she meets "the one"!   
  •  is ready to do the internal work so that she is fully prepared to receive her hearts desire!

This experience is for the woman who wants to be supported by a coach who's 'been there' and for a long time desired her king but had to learn to fully love herself FIRST and allow herself to receive love!  

Not only that, but I also learned to make a decision about what I truly wanted AND set the expectation to get it!  

Read my story: The Power of a Decision here to learn more.

How to Get Started!!

Beautiful, thank you for your interest in ‘The Love Manifestation Experience!’

Are you ready to fast track yourself to love in 28 days?   I know I’m READY to support you in your amazing journey!! 


Please note,  this is a paid experience (workshop) and the reason for the monetary exchange is that money is currency and currency is energy!! I know you want to put forth the right energy so that you can manifest what you truly desire! 

We all know that many times little value is placed on something when it's free. I want you to completely value this experience so that you will see transformation in your life over 28 days! 

Are you READY?  Let’s do this!! 

Click the button below to make your enrollment payment into the Love Manifestation Experience

The New Year's investment is only $47.00 (regular price is $97.00) 

Once your payment is received, be on the lookout for a Welcome email into the program!

Hello, I'm Danyelle!

I am a Love & Relationship Coach who is passionate about all things lovely, beautiful and chic and that includes you!

Let's face it, life gets busy and as women, sometimes our needs get put on the back burner which makes us feel unbalanced. 

Sometimes we feel we've lost our way in life and wonder what does it all mean! I know, I've been there!  

What I desire most is to work with women and empower them so they can obtain the love they truly desire and live her very best life in a powerful way.



Living a life that I love means sharing it with the one I love.

My best friend, soul-mate and love of my life, my husband. 

I am able to be the wife, friend and coach I am because of the support I receive from Jason.  I am so passionate about all things beautiful but for me I wouldn't be able to enjoy them as much if it weren't for my best friend.  We've known each other for 17 years now and life is greater each day because he's in my life. 

When you make a decision to live a life you love, remember it's always about the people in your life; not things. 

The lives you touch and the lives that are impacted by you. 

Love changes everything! 

Love is where it all begins for me...

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To live boldly, loudly and in a big way to foster transformation in the lives of my clients is my legacy!