Are You A Professional Women Looking For Long-Term Love?

Do you wish to be as successful in love as you are in business?

Here’s the truth: You love your work. You love your pristine corner office and the gold placard. You love the little luxuries you can purchase for yourself – and the freedom you have to make ANY choice you want – at ANY time.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You adore it – and you deserve it!

And the truth? The last thing you want is to give that all up for a man or find a man to support you financially. (Or worse, financially support a man!)

But when you come home to an empty house, pour yourself that first glass of red wine and click on the TV the reality sets in: YOU'RE ALONE.

Sometimes you hear a little whisper:

“Is it ever going to happen for me again? Will I ever find real love?

Am I destined for THIS to be my life, forever?”

You shake it off – but it persists.

“All the good ones are taken.”

“Most men are intimidated by me.”

“I’m probably going to end up alone.”

Do you feel I'm speaking to you?

"I'm here to help you find 

love in your life!" 

~ Danyelle Grant

"I'm here to help you find 

love in your life!" 

~ Danyelle Grant

It's Time To Face Reality!

Unfortunately it doesn't matter how successful you are in business, your laptop will never be able to massage your shoulders gently after a long day hunched over the keyboard, or pour you that second glass of wine from the kitchen, or whisper softly, “You look so sexy” in your ear before you drift off to sleep.

Add to that, your best friend just got hitched (again).

Your sister’s been blissfully married for 15 years.

Even your daughter is engaged.

It seems like everyone around you is getting their happy ending, but you don’t even know where to start looking for yours!

You really do crave a companion.

A true equal – a partner to share your life with.

An honest, hard-working, humble and loving man who isn’t intimidated by you or the balance in your bank account.

You want to attract the kind of true, lasting love with quality men that other women seem to just snap their fingers and get.

You want to attract the kind of true, lasting love with quality men that other women seem to just snap their fingers and get.

  • Have so many failed relationships under your belt with men who didn't get you or support you.

  • Crave real intimacy but have serious walls around your heart (so why not just stay another hour at the office, right?)
  • Have pretty rigid ideas about what a man should bring to the table and can't seem to make that happen.

  • Hide behind your "work wall" - using your accomplishments to bolster your self-esteem and convince yourself you're okay and don't need a man anyway.

  • Ooze confidence at work but can't seem to let your hair down around the opposite sex or build real connections with them. 
  • Not so secretly believe men just aren't into high achieving woman.

Instead You...


We want a TRUE partner in our relationships


We want a TRUE partner in our relationships

What We Really Want...

As high-achieving women, we crave someone who’s comfortable with us thriving in our careers. Someone who hugs us tight when we come home boasting another raise – not someone who sulks because they’re not-so-secretly in competition with us.

Just like anyone else, we want a man who will love us, support us and worship us, even if we do just-so-happen to out-earn him.

We want a partner who’s strong and secure enough in himself that he's not intimidated by our success and understands how to support us in ALL areas of life.

And honestly? Just because we wear the pant (suit) at work, we don’t necessarily want that at home.

We want to show men the fun, feminine, soft side we so often have to keep hidden at work.

We want to let our hair down, shake it out and do a sexy little dance.

We want to savor life (and that glass of Veuve Cliquot) without obsessively checking our phones.

We even want to let someone else lead – and treat us like a queen, not a dictator – every once in awhile.

What if I told you that you really could be as successful in love as you are in your career ?

What if I told you that you really could be as successful in love as you are in your career ?

Just Imagine How It Would Feel To...

  • Attract true, long-lasting love without sabotaging it or reverting to your old patterns (whatever they are – we’ll discover!) 
  • Have fun again – outside of your work! – and get back that light-hearted, free and fabulous feeling from your younger days 
  • Have as much unshakable confidence around the opposite sex as you do in the workplace  
  • Feel open to whatever opportunities life throws your way – fascinating conversations with men from all walks of life, fresh experiences with fabulous people or even to true, lasting LOVE 
  • Look forward to your weekends (instead of filling them with mindless work tasks to stay busy) because your calendar is full – with dates 
  • Let the opposite sex truly full SEE your vitality and vibrancy and finally let the real you out to play, love and LIVE
  • Never feel like you have to dumb yourself down or give up ANYTHING to have a real relationship 
  • Deliver 100% of yourself and you know unequivocally the right man will love you for it! 
  • Feel like a QUEEN inside and out and know without-a-doubt your king IS on his way

Sounds good doesn't it?

Sounds good doesn't it?

True Love Is Possible, Even For The Truly Successful!

True Love Is Possible, Even For The Truly Successful!

It is Possible!

You’re not hopeless or unlucky or incapable of love. You’re not destined to ‘die alone,’ or go out on random dates forever that seem to fizzle out after the fourth or fifth.

You CAN find a respectful relationship without giving up the professional respect you’ve worked so hard for.

And I can show you how!

If you’re ready for life to finally feel ripe with limitless opportunities for love – including a full, long life with the right partner THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you’re ready for life to finally feel ripe with limitless opportunities for love – including a full, long life with the right partner THIS IS FOR YOU.

My Story & Why I Care So Deeply About This Work –And You

Here’s what I know, beautiful:

Men aren’t turned off by sophisticated senior execs and high-powered professionals.

Au contraire.

Most men find a successful woman super sexy and intriguing.

But by the same token, what gains us respect in the office is actually what repels the men we love at home. (Yep, turns out true love doesn’t care what letters come after your name or how many hours you slay in the office each week.)

Today, I know it’s possible to have a thriving career, a fulfilling relationship with a fabulous man and of course, all the little chic things that make me feel like me.

But it wasn’t always this way.

At one point, I was a senior leader in a corporate environment, earning well into the six-figure range. I was the chick-in-charge. I was well-heeled, well-connected and well-respected. 

But when I came home, I just couldn’t turn off “boss mode” and switch into “honey mode.” Until one day, my husband told me something that broke my heart: He told me that sometimes I treated him more like an employee than a lover.

Let’s be real, nobody wants to be married to their boss.

I knew right away that wasn’t the kind of marriage – or life – I wanted. I wanted to be the fun, light-hearted, sexy woman he fell in love with. It was quite obvious I had to make a change or risk losing the best thing that ever happened to me. So, I started to study men and relationships just as hard as I studied the pie charts on my monthly reports.

Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t stop succeeding at work. But I did start learning about what it really takes to succeed in love.

Over my 11-year journey (and still going!), I’ve learned all about how to step into my divine feminine (and let my man lead at home), communicate with men more effectively, look, act and dress like a queen (and how this is important whether you’re waiting for someone to put a crown on it or you already have one) and ultimately, attract and sustain long-lasting, deep love and intimacy.

Turns out, leading with our feminine nature – the more relaxed, go-with-the-flow, receiving energy (which can include receiving pedicures, massages, and actual meals NOT served on paper plates) – is the key to lasting love.

By balancing our masculine and feminine energies, we can create the loving, pleasurable relationship – with ourselves and others – we’ve been longing for.

Translation? Attracting the “right man” isn’t as much about the man as it is about you, beautiful.

And because we all know we can’t change a man...this is actually VERY good news. ;)

When you start embodying the feminine in your home life – and cultivate the confidence to become and show men the feminine, fun, free and fabulous woman you truly are – that’s when you attract the kind of long-lasting love you desire.

Plus, you get that much closer to living out the fullness you’re truly called to in this life.

I used these revolutionary strategies, mindsets and principles to transform my own relationship and today, I teach them to high-achieving women all around the world.

Today, I can say I’ve been happily married to my best friend for nine years and enjoy a relationship that is strong, stable and most importantly - equal.

….And, I’m here to show you how.

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